Time Standards

2014-15 Hawaiian Swimming Age Group Standards (ver. R1 released 15-AUG-2014):

** Note: Most of the HI Age Group Time Standards for the 2014-15 swimming year have been adjusted progressively faster relative to prior years due too the increased number of athletes participating in the sport and the progression of our championship-level athletes.  The procedure used to set the standards is very similar to the procedure used in prior years.  Most QUAL times are set such that an average of 28 athletes per event (per age group and gender) would have qualified for an Age Group Championship meet for each of the last 4 years.  Long distance events are set for an average of 24 athletes per event.  Standards for events with a relatively lower number of participants are set to a similar "quality" level to other events within the same age group.  HIAA times are 10% slower than QUAL times, HI-A times are 10% slower than HIAA times, HI-B times are 10% slower than HI-A times (except for the 8&U age group where HI-B times are 20% slower than HI-A times), and HI-C times are times that are slower than HI-B times.

** Team Unify has uploaded new Hawaiiain Age Group time standards. (8/27/14)

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2014-15 Hawaiian Senior Program Standards: (to be released shortly):

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2013-14 Hawaiian Swimming Age Group Standards (archive):

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2013-14 Hawaiian Swimming Senior Standards (archive):

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