Meet Schedule

** Note the following swimming meet schedules are the approved LSC Meet schedules.  Incremental changes to dates or venues are reflected on the main 'Calendar' page of this website and may NOT be recorded in the following documents.

2015-16 All-Island Schedule Approved at April 2015 HoD meeting (google doc spreadsheet).

2013-16 Quad Year Schedule Plan:  pdf (updated 2014-FEB-08)

2014-15 link to google doc Schedule. Ver-04  Notes:

  • Version 04 posted 1/22. Updated MAGSA spring schedule. Updated Senior & distance meet info on Oahu moved from UH.
  • Version 03 posted 9/29. Version 02 posted 6/24 after LSC meeting 6/21. Kihei SCY Champs Dec 19-22, 2014; VMAC LCM Champs July 16-19, 2015.
  • Approved by HoD 4/13/14.  Location Dec SCY AGC TBD to be updated this month on calendar.
  • Based on 2013-14 schedule and consistent with Quad Plan.
  • HHSAA Champs Date confirmed.
  • Contact Malcolm Cooper if schedule needs changing.

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