Western AG Zones

Hawaiian Swimming has selected athletes for Team Hawaii 2015 for Age Group Western Zones.  Congratulations.

Applications were due after the Rainbow Invitational ... June 13 ... for Qualifiers & and Near Qualifiers.  Because we did not have enough swimmers to fill relays, we reached out to the Hawaiian Swimming community to get more applications - and we never closed the request for more applicants - until today (6/30).  Most of the recent applicants are Qualifers.  But to be fair to all who applied in a timely manner, all who applied in on time are part of Team Hawaii.

We cannot keep openings available without limit due to space limitations for Team Hawaii accomodations, the necessity of making travel arrangements, ordering uniforms, etc.  That is why we put the initial closing date on applications in the first place.

--Malcolm Cooper

For 2015 Team Hawaii our goal was to have a minimum of 6 swimmers in each age group/sex (min 36 total).  We now have 54 and can fill all relays - 2 relays for some age groups!

Dustin Fukuda is the Team Hawaii Coordinator.  Contact dtfukuda1 AT gmail DOT com.  808-554-6950
Are coaches are: Jon Hayashida, Dustin Fukuda and Leighton Hao.
Chaperones will be coordinated by Patty Takashita.

A.G. MEET Kihei, Maui, Hawaii. TRAVEL ...

This is where you will find information on Team Hawaii and Western Zones AG Championship Meet.  Here is the link to the Age Group Western Zones website.



2015 Western Zone Athlete Application updated 05/03/15

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