Hawaiian LSC Board of Directors 2016

Voting Members Full Name Term Beginning Term Expiration
LSC General Chair Kenneth Chew 1-Jan-15 31-Dec-16
LSC Admin. Vice Chair Dean Schmaltz 1-Jan-15 31-Dec-16
LSC Age Group Vice Chair Joe Glenn 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-17
LSC Senior Vice Chair Reid Yamamoto 1-Jan-15 31-Dec-16
LSC Finance Vice Chair David Coleman 1-Jan-15 31-Dec-16
LSC Senior Athlete Rep. Lia Foster 1-Sep-16 31-Aug-17
LSC Senior Athlete Rep. Jeffrey Collins 1-Sep-16 31-Aug-17
LSC Junior Athlete Rep. D.J. Hwang 1-Sep-15 31-Aug-18
LSC Junior Athlete Rep. Noah Carlson 1-Sep-15 31-Aug-18
LSC Coaches Rep.(Senior) Jon Hayashida 1-Jan-15 31-Dec-16
LSC Coaches Rep. (Junior) Larry Oshiro 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-17
LSC Club Develop. Liaison Dustin Fukuda 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-17
LSC Membership Chair Gwenn Tomiyoshi 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-17
LSC Officials Representative Eugene Dryzmala 16-July-16 31-Dec-18
LSC Registration Chair Gwenn Tomiyoshi 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-17
LSC Secretary Alexa Heiss 1-Jan-15 31-Dec-16
LSC Technical Planning Committee Chair Malcolm Cooper 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-17
LSC Treasurer Bobby Dugar 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-16
LSC At-Large (Big Island) Mike Osborne 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-17
LSC At-Large (Maui)
Dain Kane
1-Jan-15 31-Dec-16
LSC At-Large Athlete Representative Maui Drew Holloway 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-17
LSC At-Large Athlete Representative Big Island Kiri Allen 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-17
LSC At-Large Athlete Representative Kauai Kate Machorek 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-17
Non-Voting Board of Directors Members 
LSC Camps Coordinator Dustin Fukuda 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-16
LSC Officials Chair Sandy Drake 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-16
LSC National Times Chair Margaret Glasgow 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-16
LSC Top Times Tabulator Margaret Glasgow 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-16
LSC Open Water Chair Malcolm Cooper 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-16
LSC Records Chair Eric Nagoshi 15-Sep-16 31-Dec-16
LSC Safe Sport Chair/Coord. Kenneth Chew 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-16
LSC Sanctions Chair Joe Glenn 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-16
LSC Safety Chair Ken Suenaga 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-16
LSC Webmaster Dean Schmaltz 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-16
LSC Disability Swim. Chair Dustin Fukuda 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-16
LSC Diversity & Inclusion Chair Dustin Fukuda 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-16
LSC Team Hawaii Coordinator Dustin Fukuda 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-16
LSC Assistant Treasurer Lynne Nakamura 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-16


Meeting Dates: Link to the BOD Schedule Page


Delegates Meetings refer to meetings of the House of Delegates (HOD), the highest governing body for the LSC.

Board Meetings refer to meetings of the Board of Directors, which acts on behalf of the HOD and oversees the day to day affairs and events in the LSC.

Committee Meetings refer to meetings of the standing committees and task forces of the LSC. These are often done using electronic communication to better enable participation of members from across the LSC. The work of the LSC goes on at the Committee level where issues are studied, schedules created, education programs implemented, and policies and rules developed. The Committees then report their results and recommendations to the Board, which acts on their recommendations and develops the agenda for the House of Delegates.  Hawaiian Swimming 2013-2014 Committee Listing, Members, Meetings and Minutes.

Board Meeting Times and Location:

Unless announced otherwise LSC Board and House of Delegates meetings start at 10:30AM at Chaminade University and are usually in room number H107 of Henry Hall. Access to the room is easiest through the back of Henry Hall via the road which cuts through the center of the campus. See the campus map. Henry Hall is located in the lower right quadrant of the map. (Because this is a link to the CUH site, you will have to click on the navigation arrow to return here.)

House of Delegates Athlete Delegates

The four athletes who serve on the Board of Directors  are also delegates:

Lia Foster  (Senior Board Representative)

Jeffrey Collins (Senior Board Representative)

D.J. Hwang (Junior Board Representative)

Noah Carlson (Junior Board Representative)

At large Athlete Appointments to the HOD

- Anson Tam, Sunshine Aquatics

- Tambrina Fairbanks, Swim Kauai

- Kysha Altura, HSC- Maui

- Cody Hamane, Warrior Aquatics

- Aukai Lileikis, Aulea Swim Club